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Hi there! welcome to triplethoughts. This is the place where YOU can send me your problems, thoughts or anything thats on your mind. Don't worry. I won't tell anybody anything about what you have written to me. If you send me your thoughts, problems or absolutely anything, I just might be able to help.

The whole point of this website, is to allow people all over the world to talk about their problems. Your problems will be handled with total confidentiality. It will be beetween you, me and if you want, God. that is why this website is called TRIPLE thoughts. You don't even have to tell me your name. So... get writing to me at:

What's New?

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.